The One & Only; Marikina

    Marikina: The Shoe Capital of the Philippines

It has been a great experience, strolling along the sides of the Marikina River, looking at the different scenic spots and restaurants, but have you ever wonder how the Cleanes City originated and how the magical shoes acted like Cinderella’s story and made Marikina even more popular. - Kharina Agabe

Marikina City...
sounds like just another place for us Filipinos yet, the truth is that only those who live there can appreciate everything in that place. The question for us is:

What is Marikina City really?
What significance does it hold?
What important contributions has it done to our beloved country?
What beauty does it grasps within its lands?

After going through this site: It's up for you to decide - go to Marikina,
experience life at its best,  and ENJOY! 



What makes the people love Marikina? Here are the top 10 answers:

1. Good People – Marikenos are born to be happy, jolly and positive about life.
2. Clean surroundings – has been acknowledged for being the clean and green city.
3. Good place for business opportunities – place has a lot of establishments however since the population is quite large, it’s a good economics.
4. Marikina has adequate learning opportunities
         a. Private schools – Mother Goose, Marikina Catholic School,       St.Matthews, Roosevelt, OLOPSC, Infant Jesus Academy, Kostka Marikina, Mother of Divine, and more…
         b. Exclusive School – Marist School(boys) , St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina (girls)
         c. Public Schools -  SSS Village, Concepcion, Parang  High school, Barrangka, Tanong , Kapitan Moy
      * Meaning more schools, more opportunity to learn whether you are financially blessed or financially unstable
5. Many Churches and temples, either catholic, Christian or I.N.C.
6. Many scenic spots – like the sport center, teatro Marikina, kapitan moy hall, riverpark and river banks
7. Different cultural activities & others – like the KAANGKAN- FESTIVAL, conventions, Christmas celebration and themed city.  
8. Provides different health care – plenty of  hospitals and clinics, you can go everywhere, 24/7.
9. Gives importance to people specially to the senior citizens,   they give discounts to senior citizens and they provide Cards, like the MCF cards for discounts for taxes, for hospitalization and more.
10. Systematized Government – systematized and computerized system in the City hall, it has system and fair, realty tax. The city government is for service for the people.