The One & Only; Marikina

SCHOOLS: Education On High By Sharmz De Castro

Concepcion Elementary School

  1. Concepcion Elementary School, found along "paliparan". It is one of the big public school in Marikina, even though it is a public school, many events are being held there and it also have a lot of students. Concepcion Elementary School is neighboring to Concepcion High School. Though it's public, the quality of education is good and at the same time, the supplies of the schools are enough for the students to have a good education. 

San Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila School

San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School is a catholic school located in Nangka, Marikina City. It is one of the privates schools in Marikina. The name of the school is taken from St. Lorenzo Ruiz. The school is just beside the San Isidro Parish. The quality o the education is good and also the facilities, you could really see that it's a good place to learn.

Nangka Elementary School

Nangka Elementary School, is also a big public school. Last 2009, there is a new building (look at the picture) that was made. Before, it's only a structure that's composed of 5 classrooms. Since there are a lot of students who studies there, the government decided to put up a building that has a lot of floors for the convenience of the students to have a quality education.

Kapitan Moy Elementary School

Kapitan Moy Elementary School, it is beside Marikina Heights High School. Though the school is not that big enough and doesn't have any gymnasium at all unlike other schools, they go outside for big events. One of the special feature of this school is its uniform, at first glance, you wouldn't believe that they came from a public school. It is checkered brown cloth that really looks good in the children. Most teachers from private schools go here to teach, that's why they could really provide good education.

Marikina Heights High School

Marikina Heights High School is the neighbor of Kapitan Moy Elementary School and The World of Butterflies. The place is not that big and almost has the same architecture  with Kapitan Moy, but there is this one special feature with the structure if this school. There are murals that are painted along the walls of the school (you can see it in the picture), you can see there the picture of the Largest Shoe in the world and even the festivals and many more. It also has a good quality education and a good facility.