The One & Only; Marikina

STORIES UNTOLD: Experiences Of Going Around the One & Only, Marikina City

A Wonderful Glance at Marikina City By Kate-Lyn Mariano

Filipinos are fond of Artistic things like most of the people into this world. As I foretell our experience of being  tourists in the so called, The Shoe Capital of The Philippines, The Marikina City, I hope that you’ll be amaze
on these places that Art has a big part of it...

Where can you find clean, fair-weathered markets that even your safety are assured? That’s what I’ll be going to talk to. Marikina’s public market is very sanitary. When we went there, we saw how proper the place and how friendly the way the sellers put up for sale their stuffs. We never thought that this market is so fine to buy food and how I wish I live near this place for us to buy our food nearly. Rest-assured, the victuals are fresh and safe to eat!                                                                       

After going to the Market, we took a short walk going to Teatro Marikina. When we got there, we experienced the warm welcome of the guard assigned in the entrance of the theatre :) Then, we asked him if we could take some pictures and he allowed us. The theatre is common to some theatres in manila too. But its height that gives the audience at the bottom made it unique. How about the social stuffs? Ahh! LERION DANCE: a form of art that is the official folk dance of Marikina. When we asked the in charge on the theatre what does Lerion mean, he said that it is a dance that interprets the care for nature.

Another notorious place that Marikina City is known for was Kapitan Moy. We were so excited to go there. When were in the place, I felt astounded for its old-fashioned style house. I realized how beautiful the place was and I guess it has lots of notable memories.  The place has 2-story floors: Paintings and history of the place is located at the first floor while on the second floor is the event area. The place is too wide that any events will surely fit into. Well, base on our experience going to some of the known destinations at this exemptible city, one thing’s for sure; WE ALL HAD FUN!!