The One & Only; Marikina


Marikina Economy By Kharina Agabe


The people of Marikina are amongst the most disciplined in the Philippines. Marikina City is considered as one of the healthiest and livable cities within the Asia-Pacific, and it is also the most industrialized and business-savvy city in Metro Manila. Marikina City is one of the wealthiest local government units (LGU) in the Philippines in terms of current assets, cash in banks, share of internal revenue allotment (IRA), gross income and gross net income. The city features many spacious parks, tree-lined streets, bike lanes, boulevards and commercial areas. Despite the latter, most of the city is classified as residential.

In the past years, Marikina was known as a place with the dirtiest river and a place for salvage and police brutality, however here in Marikina we believe that “A good leader and a good follower makes it possible. ” during the back to back ruling of spouses Marides and Bayani Fernando., The Marikina River was reborn and make it if not so clean, but  a cleaner one that before.

At present, the shoe industry has become a pride of the Philippines and a boost to the growth of its economy. The city also now boasts of hosting other big companies, multinationals, local and foreign, as well as leading exporting firms. Numerous banks, land development firms, residential realties, business centers, industrial centers, commercial centers, information and communication technology centers, hotels and condominiums is also boasts the city that Marikina rapidly into a highly urbanized city in a short time.

Marikina City today is a multi-awarded metropolitan city, often cited for its vibrant economy, a highly-skilled and literate work force, an involved and enlightened business community, environment conscious, disciplined people and a responsive

local government that puts a premium on governance, sustainable urban development and public service. Marikina City is one of the most industrialized city in Metro Manila and also one of the richest local government unit in the Philippines in terms of current assets, cash in banks, share of internal revenue allotment, gross income and gross net income.

Marikina Environment By Sharmz De Castro

Marikina is known as the "Little Singapore" it really is a peaceful and a clean city to live in. Once, Markina was known as the cleanest city in Metro Manila.

In Marikina, there's this law that there should be a segregation of wastes whenever  the garbage truck comes, the residents should always tie a pink ribbon for "di-nabubulok" and green ribbon for "nabubulok". This kind of waste segregation is also implemented in its public market, you'd see a pink and green trash cans all over the place. Marikenos are doing their best to keep the city clean, and really are eager to keep the title as "Little Singapore".