The One & Only; Marikina

MISSION AND VISION  ...rephrased by Eunice Topacio


"A place for living, for work and business, for history, for socializing, for entertainment, for arts, culture, tourism and sports, for education and for religion"

Marikina city dreams of applying the social elements of the country Singapore to become a more industrialized and disciplined city. Their efforts are centered, for programs, actions and plans, on lessening poverty around the place. This is the city's focal point; in a long term to be done.



...To be like the country of Singapore, moving towards a bright and better future, wherein its people are proud of who they are and where they are while being able to take care of themselves and others and being responsible of their actions.

Just like Singapore, Marikina envisions itself to have the following noteworthy attributes Singapore holds: discipline, self-sufficiency, effective governance, work ethics, environmental soundness, economic dynamism and corrupt-free government.