The One & Only; Marikina

VALUES and ATTITUDES of a Marikeno    By Lou Iris Lausingco

What comes first to your mind when you think of the citizens of Marikina?
Out of 10 respondents, 8 say that Marikeños are well-disciplined and industrious. Sources such as Pilippine Center for Investigative Journalism say that Marikeños are very accustomed. As we can see, since the governance in Marikina is very good, rules and regulations are very well implied. There is not garbage and litters all over the city (e.g. blocking sewers) since it is not allowed to litter plus the fact that the people in Marikina are very well-concerned to their environment.

In their markets, and streets, it is greatly implemented that there should be no pick-pockets and carnappers. That is why there are almost no crimes happen in Marikina. These facts prove that Marikeños are much disciplined. As we pass by the streets of Marikina, we will also notice that the people there are very industrious. They clean their front yards and even include their neighbor’s yard every morning and afternoon. They love socializing and attending festivals and other sorts of gatherings.

They really abide by the rules and regulations of the law in their city. Marikeños cross the roads using the right manner (crossing at pedestrian lanes). They bike at bicycle lanes and they know just how to give way to their “kapwa Marikeños”.
Marikina people are very well dedicated in serving their city and treating each other with respect. Since they are being governed properly by their politicians, they have public urinals which are presented neatly and those are all over the city so that the “men” of Marikina would not urinate just here and there but in the right place.

It is really their pride to abide by the policies and pay respect to others.